I do what I do for the love of helping people, and my goal is to positively impact one million people before I leave this earth.


My success is based on how happy I am within my heart, how much impact I am making in the world and how happy the people are around me. I live the law of reciprocity, I give without the expectation of receiving, and hope that in doing so I can in some way positively influence someone’s life.

In listening to my heart, I hope I have touched yours...



I am a Wife, a Mother, Sister, Daughter and Zan. I’m a Friend, Mentor, Motivational Speaker and Ambassador for Opportunity International.

Through my profession as a business coach, I help business owners and executives to achieve their goals so that their business can perform at its potential and support their vision as well as their family.

Having overcome adversity many times, I have learnt to face challenges head on. Through sharing my experiences, I aim to educate and inspire others to live the best version of their lives and realise their greatest dreams.

These are a few of my favourite things…


I have represented Australia for Triathlon and now enjoy running, swimming and riding for fitness. There’s nothing much better than running with friends, watching the sun rise.


Yoga holds a sacred place in my heart, and I practice it two to three times a week in my husband’s classes. As the meaning of yoga infers, yoga allows me to unite my body, mind and spirit.


Natural endorphins from regular exercise are key to keeping me happy & healthy. Exercise, work, sleep and recreation time is vital to my overall success and happiness in life.


My favourite place on earth, Rottnest holds a special place in my heart. From childhood, to my solo swim to Rottnest, & all the times I have soaked up the sun & enjoyed many family memories.


Meditation changed my life, and I have incorporated it into my everyday for over 20 years now. It helps me to gain clarity and practice gratitude for all the wonderful things in my life.


Family is my everything. My darling husband of over 30 years, I love you. My beautiful children, Hamish & Eve, you are my world. Now I’m a first time Zan & dear Chet just lights up our lives.

“Mum, I am so lucky to have been born your very own little girl. You continue to inspire me each and every day. You have taught me all of the most important lessons in life; how to love deeply, how to see the good in every situation, how to trust myself, that true wealth has nothing to do with money, and that at the end of the day the only things that really matter are good health and your loved ones. I continually strive to achieve your ability to live life selflessly, with the utmost positive outlook on everything and everyone. It is hard to express in words how important you are to me and so many others, you have a warmth, a glow, that is like no other. There is no doubt in my mind that you will touch a million hearts in the same way that you touch mine daily.”

Eve  Daughter

"You have been our big tall angel from the day we met. You are often that voice of reason or the act of kindness & generosity I think of when confronted with my own fears and selfishness - what would Suzzanne do or say? I know you say and do everything from a place of goodness."

Joy  Web Wizards

“Sue, you are like a second mother to me. You have inspired and pushed me to reach my life long goals, I am so grateful for all you have done for me. Especially for the beautiful daughter that you created who I get to make my wife! Chet is also so lucky to have you as his Zan”

Dylan  Son-In-Law

"Dearest Suzzie, You are my rock in the emotional storm of life. My guiding light through the dark tunnels. A gracious yacht of pure love in a sea of anger and discontent. My love, laughter and joy.Thank you for always being there for me. All is nothing without you. Forever Suzzie.”

David  Husband - The Phoenix

"My teacher, My best friend, My inspiration. My mother!"

Hamish  Son

“I believe we joined forces for a reason, you have inspired me beyond words in the short time I’ve known you and have encouraged me to believe in myself. Together we’re going to do amazing things, you’re an amazing mentor, so selfless and I’m so thankful to have you in my life. I have no doubt you will positively impact one million hearts in your lifetime.”

Renee  On Suzzanne's Team

Have I inspired you? Maybe something I’ve said, or something I have done, has provoked a positive change in your life? Have I helped to guide you, or made a difference to your life or that of your family, friends or team? In helping one, this often compounds to helping many and for that influence I am truly blessed.

Did Suzzanne touch your heart?

Would you like to share your experience of how Suzzanne has touched your heart and life? We can all pay it forward and help inspire others to live a life of generosity and reciprocity and help Suzzanne reach her goal of becoming a Millionaire of Hearts.  If you are moved to tell us how she has affected your life we would love to hear from you – and with your permission place your experience on her website.

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My reach is far, and I am grateful to be part of your journey. If I have positively influenced you or those around you, please help me to reach my goal of touching 1 million hearts and add your tally of inspired hearts by clicking the ‘Suzzanne Touched My Heart’ button above.